Mak’s Money Blog is a make money online blog that talks about the topics related to making money online, blogging tips, SEO tips, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, social media networks, CMS like WordPress, web hosting, website management, etc. I am not giving any kind of assurance about the accuracy and quality of the content I’m providing. If you are using any of the content provided here, are using that at your own risk. You can’t blame me for that.

All content of Mak’s Money Blog may not bring lots of money for me. I may make money online from my blog doing website referrals, product sales, advertisements, reviews, etc. Each and every post published on Mak’s Money Blog is my personal opinion about a particular product or service and the product or services that are making money for me, may or may not work for others.

Email addresses that are captured on various sections of the blogs will always be used for privacy and will never be used for spamming. You will get emails about certain products or services if you had shown interest in the topics.

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